Black Tourmaline Armour

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Black Tourmaline Armour is a mineral that is often known for its protective qualities. Minerals and crystals are different in energetic frequency. Often minerals are of a denser frequency, which can support more grounding, absorptions and transmutation of energy, providing the wearer or space more opportunity for clarity and discernment. This is what actually makes Black Tourmaline a protective mineral. It teaches the individual to distinguish what, who, and when we are in alignment or out with our external environment.

Black Tourmaline Armour is an invaluable tool that helps to set protective boundaries and balances our energy field with grounding and understanding, allowing for a greater connection to the energetic truth of the universe and giving you the power to decide what influences you. It's a tool that helps to restore order and equanimity in the wearer's life.

This Armour comes on a medium sized Raw Brass chain. In order to minimize oxidization you can store your Armour in a ziplock bag and use a silver polishing cloths to polish the chain so it may regain its luster. Silver Polishing Cloths are available in the shop.

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