Amazonite Armour

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Amazonite Armour, representing the element of water with an intention to inspire communication, truth, and level up the ability to direct clarity outwards. Amazonite assists us in holding to our truth, while we hold the truth of others to attain balance. This likewise works for our internal work, guiding through the different perspectives from within our emotional and physical body. With Amazonite, we seek truth so we can live our truth.

Pendant length: 2 inches

Length is measured flat by opening the necklace from clasp to loop. Use a string to get an idea of where the necklace will rest.

 Each Amazonite piece is unique in color, shade and patterns, and all vary in each pieces. Ashera Armour always selects stones with the most beautiful characteristics of their kind. Your order will be from the same batch of Armour as the one in the photograph.