Golden Healer Armour

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Golden Healer Armour on a n oval link brass chain. Golden Healer as a variety of Quartz is also called Hematoid Quartz, distinguishing it for the minerals that create a yellow, orange to brown colors and formations. This beauty is wonderful for grounding and  heightening out awareness for how to remain grounded with whatever life brings our way.  This Quartz is an incredible and powerful tool that amplifies and enhances one's energy fields. It also helps to bring clarity and insight for a new understanding of life and how to make better decisions. It is also a great stone for manifesting and amplifying intentions.

The pendant measures 2.25 inches from top to bottom.

Each piece is unique and no two crystal are ever alike even when they appear to be. The oval link brass chain is tarnish resistant. As a natural material it will over long periods of time and with natural conditions will darken. The chain can be polished using a silver polishing cloth available in the online shop.

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