Tiger Eye Armour

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This magical, protective, Tiger Eye Armour encourages vitality, discernment and practicality for the purpose of attaining balance in all realms of life, 3D and beyond. When in situations of mediation or negotiation, Tiger Eye assist in attaining a harmonious resolution and perspective.

Adorn in this one of its kind Tiger Eye Armour enjoy its guidance towards resolve. Experience clarity and balance in your journey- no matter the terrain. Tiger Eye Armour helps to foster objectivity and clear reasoning, so you can make decisions that are in alignment with your highest self.

This Tiger Eye is pendant is cut and shaped by our local Gemologist, and is a unique selection of Tiger eye’s most unique and beautiful qualities.

Pendant Length: 1.5 Inches

Length is accurately measured by opening the necklace from clasp to loop, and a string can be used to approximate the resting spot. The Small Oval link chain, constructed of tarnish-resistant brass, may require light polishing over time in order to maintain its luster; polishing cloths can be purchased in-store.

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