Smokey Lodalite Quartz Armour

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Smokey Quartz facilitates the transmutation of energy, promoting a sense of pragmatism and engendering order in both the intellectual and physical realms. Additionally, it encourages the manifestation of metaphysical communion. This masterful Armour is unique, and can be comfortably worn for luxurious or everyday occasions.

Lodalite Quartz, knowns as Landscape Quartz or Garden Quartz or Chloride Quartz for reflecting nature’s lush forests and underwater worlds. They include a variety minerals and each resonate uniquely because each piece is unique. These minerals heighten the existing powerful nature of Clear Quartz and is best used for enchanting communication and psychic abilities. It’s is a gentle stone with a powerful presence. Don’t underestimate her gentle nature.

Pendant length : 2 Inches

Length is accurately measured by opening the necklace from clasp to loop, and a string can be used to approximate the resting spot. The medium oval link chain, constructed of tarnish-resistant brass, may require light polishing over time in order to maintain its luster; polishing cloths can be purchased in-store.

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