Vera Cruz Amethyst Armour

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Vera Cruz Amethyst Armour variety are found in Mexico alone, with superbly clear natural points and unique etchings in each piece. While Amethyst is known for soothing emotions, Vera Cruz Amethyst does the same and more. This unique and rare variety offers deep spiritual guidance when ready to receive. Not only can she support you, she’ll also sparkle and look dazzling alone or layered.

Vera Cruz Amethyst Armour provides an opportunity to draw upon its natural protective and spiritual qualities. For those seeking guidance, clarity and connection to the divine, it offers a potent ally. Its beauty and sparkle will bring a little light into any situation.

Each one is uniquely beautiful and comes on an delicate 18K gold chain. The height of the pendants vary between 1.25 - 1.5 inches


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