Rose Quartz

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 Rose Quartz colors come in an array of hues, ranging from a nearly-white, milky hue to a vibrant, deep pink and purple. Mineral deposits and environmental conditions create distinct shades and intensities, and certain regions are even known for particular colors and ‘cloudiness’. Yet, whatever the shade, the stone’s energy remains constant. What matters most is the attraction to any crystal or mineral, and Rose Quartz is no exception. It invites compassion, kindness, and lasting bonds, helping us to access our capacity to give and receive Love.

It's a perfect stone for connecting to your inner self, aiding in emotional and spiritual healing. Rose Quartz helps us to trust our intuition and recognise our deepest desires. Its calming energy can provide essential support during periods of stress, giving us the opportunity to step back and re-evaluate our life. Each selection of Rose Quartz is a gentle reminder to reconnect with ourselves and those that matter most, embracing the many beautiful moments life offers us.

RQE1 - $58 - 132g

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