Ashera Armour are wearable Crystal Armour, made of earth elements of crystals, minerals and metals. Designed as one of a kind Adornment and Wellness accessories, each Crystal Armour is made to expand and elevate the human, tactile and energetic experiences of this world with beauty. 

Crystals and Minerals are used in (w)holistic wellness practices to connect individuals to their personal emotional, physical and spiritual health, highlighting where and what needs attention for personal and inner growth. Through the process of inner growth, people are able to walk into the world more in awareness, aligned to their purpose and presence. Ultimately the greater the self awareness, the greater the awareness of our social and physical relationships and our responce(&)ability to them. 

Ashera Armour was created by designer and founder Ilana Divantman, whose interdisciplinary creative work spans a trajectory of painting, performance art, theatre and academic studies in Visual Arts from Queens University and in-progress (presently on leave) Masters of Environmental Studies at York University. Tracing through her work are questions on momentum of presence , reflexive (w)holistic practices and the expansiveness of lived experiences as possibilities for human expansion. Ashera Armour are products of the dynamic relationships of energy, air, fire, water, earth and metals, reflections of human relations and the vastness of human existence.  

Ashera(h) is the name of a Hebrew Goddess, a Goddess of the Sea and of Fertility. Ilana Divantman began exploring Asherah's story while writing a Monodrama during a year long residency at The Watah Theatre. As Sacred Feminine is often absent in the life and culture of Jews, Ilana's dedication to Her presence has been through the beautiful energizing protective and expansive crystals within the Armour. The Armour serves as a reminder that Sacred Feminine energy exists in all life, in all spectrums of gender, and is an important element of balancing human experiences. 


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