Pyrite Armour

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Pyrite Armour is well-known for its ability to boost abundance, confidence, and protection. Its intricate and unique faceted bead formations serve as a constant reminder of the perfection and interconnectedness of every piece, making it an essential tool for enhancing these qualities. Additionally, Pyrite Armour offers practical benefits with its stunning faceted beads. This armour is adorned with intricately faceted beads, each serving as a symbol of perfection and the interconnectedness of every piece. It's a powerful tool for boosting abundance, confidence, and protection, while also providing practical benefits with its stunning design.

Armour length: 28 inches

Pendant length: 2 inches 

Length is measured flat by opening the necklace from clasp to loop. Use a string to get an idea of where the necklace will rest.

Each Pyrite Armour is unique in color, shade and patterns, and all vary in each peices. Ashera Armour always selects stones with the most beautiful characteristics of their kind. Your order will be from the same batch of Armour as the one in the photograph.

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