Blue Kyanite Armour

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Kyanite forms from the Earth in different colors of black. blue, indigo, green and orange. Blue Kyanite resonates with the heart energy of elevation and expansion. It is likewise a stone for dreaming, opening up channels towards clear answers, truths during dream state and astral travel.

Discover the power of Blue Kyanite Armour with its various energy-boosting and dream-enhancing properties. Its rich colors, including black, blue, indigo, green, and orange, are harnessed from the Earth for optimal benefits. Elevate and expand your heart's energy with this unique stone while unlocking answers and truths during your dream state and astral travel.

This is a one of a kind Kyanite Armour and you will receive the one pictured here.

Pendant Length : 4 inches

This Armour comes on a small sized oval link Brass chain that is slow to tarnish. In order to minimize oxidization you can store your Armour in a ziplock bag and use a silver polishing cloths to polish the chain so it may regain its luster. Silver Polishing Cloths are available in the shop.

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