Rose Quartz Moon Armour

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Experience the powerful energy of Rose Quartz Moon Armour! This crystal is known for its ability to promote love and compassion in all aspects of life, from our interactions with others to our relationship with ourselves. With its varying shades of pink and purple, each unique piece is formed by the minerals and conditions of its origin. No matter the color, the attraction to its energy is undeniable. Embrace the beauty and energy of Rose Quartz Moon Armour and nourish your soul with love and positivity.

Rose Quartz engages our need and desire to give and receive Love. As a crystal worn or carried, it acts to encourage Love in all of our interaction including those with our most vulnerable selves. Rose Quartz comes in variations of colour, and can include an almost white milky variety to a more extreme pink and purple. The color variety is impacted by the type of minerals and the environmental conditions that formulate the crystal itself. Hence, some regions are known to have particular deposits and colors which produces a particular shade of pink, sometimes with more “cloud”. The energy of the stone itself doesn’t not change. What is of most significance is the attraction felt to any crystal and mineral. That is the intuitive decision to work with the energy being presented.

Length is accurately measured by opening the necklace from clasp to loop, and a string can be used to approximate the resting spot. There are two options for chain, one of which is in the original style from 2018 with a large raw brass box chain, or the Medium Oval link chain, which is constructed of slow-to-tarnish brass. Both may require light polishing over time in order to maintain the luster of the brass; polishing cloths can be purchased in-store.

The pendant size varies from each piece and ranges between 3 to 3.5 inches across. Each Rose Quartz Moon Armour is one of a kind as each stone has its own distinct marks, colors and variations of natural markings. We take pride in selecting crystals and minerals that highlight the best qualities and look of any variety. You will receive your Armour in the likeness of those displayed in these photos.

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