Aquamarine Armour

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Aquamarine Armour is named after its beautiful color and reflective qualities, evoking the serene and calming energies of the ocean. As a member of the blue stone family, it can help to ease and soothe the throat chakra, supporting the ability to speak confidently and express oneself. This gentle stone has a comforting energy that can be especially helpful during challenging times.

Experience the strength of your voice and embrace the healing properties of Aquamarine Armour, inspired by the beauty of the sea. Expand the power of your voice and harness the healing elements of Aquamarine Armour. As a member of the blue stone family, this gentle yet powerful gemstone can help you find your voice and speak with confidence and clarity. Its serene and calming energy can provide comfort during difficult moments. Embrace its beauty and let Aquamarine Armour be your guide towards self-expression and inner peace.

This Armour comes on a small Raw Brass Box chain. In order to minimize oxidization you can store your Armour in a ziplock bag and use a silver polishing cloths to polish the chain so it may regain its luster. Silver Polishing Cloths are available in the shop.


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