Divine Pearl Armour

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This awe-inspiring fresh water Pearl Armour draws the expression of the Divine Feminine. This gem of the sea is the very symbol of growth and change, each representing a unique journey of development. Our earth-crafted Pearl Pendant offers subtle differences in hue and light, enhancing its singular beauty. The gorgeous blend of pearls, from the soft soufflés pearl pendant to the powerful brass hardware, radiates a bold, playful grace - a breathtaking embodiment of the Divine Feminine.


All brass elements are coated to reduce oxidization. Over time, as with any natural material some oxidization can occur. Good storage such as in a ziplock bag and the use of a silver polishing cloths will sustain and regain the chain’s vibrancy and luster. Silver Polishing Cloths are available in the shop.

Each soufflés Pearl Pendant is unique in shape and color and you will receive one in the likeness of the one in the photograph. As always, we choose the best and most unique and aesthetically appealing Pearls to maximize the beauty and frequency of such a grand piece. The pearl beads likewise will compliment the color of the pendant and are all Fresh Water Pearls.

This beauty can be worn long coupled with other choker style Armour, or can be doubled as a shorted necklace. 

Pearl Pendant Length: on average between an 1.5 to 2 Inches

Armour Length: 34 Inches


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