Garnet Armour

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Garnet supports partnerships, strengthening our personal energy while in relation with another and aids the heart to regain trust and faith when relational traumas have created barrieres rather than boundaries for safety. Relationships are a flow of energy, and caring for our own, is caring for those we love. Strengthen and revitalize your relationships with Garnet Armour.

This powerful gemstone promotes healthy partnerships and helps repair trust and faith after relational traumas. When we nurture our own energies, we can better care for and connect with those we love. Allow Garnet Armour to help you create healthy boundaries and increase the flow of positive energy in all of your relationships.

 This Armour comes with 8mm faceted beads on a small Raw Brass Cuban link chain. In order to minimize oxidization you can store your Armour in a ziplock bag and use a silver polishing cloths to polish the chain so it may regain its luster. Silver Polishing Cloths are available in the shop.


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