Labradorite Armour

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As the “Temple of the Stars”, Labradorite is a crystal of other worlds, of ascension and connection to our human purpose. Labradorite inspires fluid expression and connection with higher realms, deepening consciousness within the human body and bridging what seems as separation from spirit. This ethereal mineral was first discovered in Labrador, Canada and is now more popularly mined in Madagascar and can be found in other regions on the planet. Each region, often due to climate and environment produces varieties of luminescent colors and intensities. Each Labradorite used for this Armour Style is selected with the best and brightest flash. You will receive one in the likeness of those photographed.

Length is measured flat by opening the necklace from clasp to loop. Use a string to get an idea of where the necklace will rest. The Oval Link Brass chain is tarnish resistant. As with all natural metals, time and considerable wear will degrade the metal which can affect the luster. This can be remedied by using a polishing cloth available in the shop.

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