Malachite Armour

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Malachite Armour is a wonderful heart activator, bold and inspiring a confidence that is heart based. She supports our intuitive heart center to take chances on choices that will inevitably yield positive results. This exquisite, one-of-a-kind Armour puts forth a vibrant display of Malachite greens— wonderfully unique in its own free form design. Wearing enhances your creative problem solving and bring a heart-centered perspective to your decisions. Its asymmetrical shape and variation of colors make it an unmistakable fashion statement.

Be unique. Be bold. Be beautiful in physical and energetic body. Malachite Armour will give you the courage to take bold chances and go for your dreams! Its vibrant green hue, unique shape, and aesthetically pleasing variation of colors make it the perfect accessory for expressing your inner creativity and self-confidence. Enhance your problem-solving skills, and take control of your destiny with the power of Malachite Armour. Wear it with pride and style and witness the beautiful transformation it brings to your inner strength. Dare to be unique, bold, and beautiful!

Pendant size : 2” inches

Armour Length : 24” inches

Length is accurately measured by opening the necklace from clasp to loop, and a string can be used to approximate the resting spot. The Oval Link Brass chain is tarnish-resistant brass parts, may require light polishing over time in order to maintain its luster; polishing cloths can be purchased in-store.

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