Golden Sheen Obsidian Armour

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Obsidian Armour absorbs negative energy. It acts to reflect and bring to the surface what of our shadow side requires address and acts to dispel and protect you as you expand, grow and heal. The golden sheen offers an extra sparkle to the already vibrant shine of obsidian. Go from strength to strength with this unique and powerful tool that will aid in your journey of transformation and regeneration. Whatever challenge you face, the Golden Sheen Obsidian Armour will be a beacon of protection and a source of insight.

This stunning piece of wearable art is simple to put on and comfortably slides over your head and body. You can position the ring at the center or to the side, and it pairs perfectly with a choker-style Armour. Show off your style and shine with Golden Sheen Obsidian Armour! Experience the glamour of this beautiful piece, crafted from natural materials and made with special care.


Armour Length: 36 Inches

Length is accurately measured by opening the necklace from clasp to loop, and a string can be used to approximate the resting spot. The round 1 inch ring is constructed of tarnish-resistant brass, may require light polishing over time in order to maintain its luster; polishing cloths can be purchased in-store.

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