Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz engages our need and desire to give and receive Love. As a crystal worn, carried, or placed in the home, acts to encourage Love in all of our interaction including those with our most vulnerable selves.

Rose Quartz comes in variations of colour, and can include an almost white milky variety to a more extreme pink and purple. The color variety is impacted by the type of minerals and the environmental conditions that formulate the crystal itself. Hence, some regions are known to have particular deposits and colors which produces a particular shade of pink, sometimes with more “cloud”. The energy of the stone itself doesn’t not change. What is of most significance is the attraction felt to any crystal and mineral. That is the intuitive decision to work with the energy being presented.

No matter the shade, Rose Quartz encourages compassion, gentleness, and sustained connection while allowing us to explore our capacity to give and receive Love. It is an ideal stone for connecting with your inner spirit, helping to bring emotional and spiritual healing.

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