Lapis Lazuli Armour

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 Lapis Lazuli Armour has been known to aid in communication, speaking, listening and all forms of creative expression, allowing for a deeper understanding of our relational, human experiences. It resonates with the throat chakra, promoting the opening of communication channels. With enhanced communication, creative expression becomes effortless and conversations take on a more meaningful tone.

Upgrade your communication skills and effortlessly connect with others through the powerful benefits of Lapis Lazuli Armour. With improved communication, you will have the ability to express yourself more clearly and understand others on a deeper level, leading to overall wellness. 

This Armour comes with 10mm beads on a medium Raw Brass Box chain. In order to minimize oxidization you can store your Armour in a ziplock bag and use a silver polishing cloths to polish the chain so it may regain its luster. Silver Polishing Cloths are available in the shop.


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